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Quality Policy

Robert Laminage S.A. is based on the efficient and economic Quality Assurance System as set out by the Quality Manual, which corresponds to the international Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, and on a safety system drawn up in collaboration with APIAH (Watchmaking region industries employers' association), as per Federal Directive MSST (No. 6508).

Quality, lead times, prices and safety are priorities. Ensuring a high quality level boosts our brand image in relation to the competition, enables us to be more competitive and establishes us as one of the market leaders.

In the event of new requirements, the Quality System will be adapted accordingly.


SQS certificate IQNet certificate

Raw materials purchase declaration

ISO 9001:2015, IQ Net

We pride ourselves on complying with our customers' requirements, as they have been mutually set and defined. The long-term development of ROBERT LAMINAGE is based on our ability to guarantee our services, and on constantly cultivating personnel loyalty, so as to safeguard our know-how for future generations.


Compliance with the requirements of the individual and the environment; Application of the MSST standards;  Encourage and persuade personnel to ensure their own safety, and that of their colleagues; Identify, eliminate or isolate the hazard, and if that is impossible, "protect the individual"; Create a pleasant working atmosphere to prevent stress and tension;  Listen to personnel to gauge their work satisfaction and quality of life. 

Provide a quality cold-rolled strip with a high tolerances level, i.e.:
an optimum analysis, a precise thickness, a precise width, stable mechanical characteristics, maximum flatness, camber and variety of surface conditions to meet the most stringent requirements.

Our organisation means that we can offer a quick-turnaround troubleshooting service for small quantities.

Through suitable information, training and instructions, we develop, cultivate and promote quality awareness in every one of our employees, in order to satisfy our customers.
Each one of our colleagues, regardless of level in the hierarchy, adopts a positive attitude to the company, demonstrating availability and responsibility for the quality and reliability of the work that they provide.

By means of an appropriate Quality System and Safety System, we prevent, detect and rapidly eliminate quality and safety defects, for the purpose of drawing up the necessary improvement measures.

By monitoring our Quality dashboards and Quality System audits, we analyse defect prevention and detection costs, in order to ensure the profitability of our Quality System.
The Quality System is adapted as new requirements or situations arise.

Robert Laminage S.A. has an official certificate, to prove to its customers its ability to guarantee the quality of its services.


Environmental policy

Robert Laminage SA energy charter

At Robert Laminage SA (RLSA) we are passionate about respecting nature and our employees, because we want to safeguard our environment for future generations. 

Our obsession with quality, supplemented by our environmental management, shows that RLSA thinks things through properly and in-depth from the outset.
Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact, year on year, through a host of specific measures, and to strengthen our decision-making, an agreement has been signed with the Confederation, with the objective of reducing our total energy consumption by 10% by 2027.

Alongside this, RLSA is committed in particular to:

  1. Use only energy generated from green sources for running all of our production equipment. 90 % of the electricity kWh that we consume is produced by Swiss hydroelectrics, and 10% by waste reclamation in Neuchâtel. Vivalor certificate
  2. Sorting and recycling our waste, i.e.:
  • Rigorous sorting and recycling of raw materials, by an ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified partner
  • Sorting and recycling of PET, paper, cardboard, wood, waste oil and any other waste produced by our operations
  • Take all measures necessary to prevent any pollution
  • We do not use air conditioning systems or drinking water to cool our equipment. We use only renewable energies for cold generation.
  • Selecting suppliers adopting an environmental management system, an approach relating to the issue of sustainable purchasing.
  • Working together with our customers so that they can manufacture with less waste.


Energy charter

Declaration of compliance with California's Proposition 65

Recycled material and resource protection


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